The nature of the Planet we live on, as that of the other Living Planets of course, is unique, in all what is perceived as the universe. He is the Pioneer, the Explorer, to its nth power. He is constant Seeking, and the Souls that belong here accomplish themselves in doing what it takes to carry on the searching and researching, in exploring the experience. Not in reaching a goal in Double Life, not in finding the exact date when a pyramid was built, but in seeking that date.

The social ordering of the World to come, without the ties of fear, misgiving and solitude, will be much different from how we’re used to see it, from how civilization has been conceived, with big monopolizing nations, big economic systems, globalization, and so on. It will be made by small communities, in a civilization where millions upon millions of village wide unique countries interconnected one another, will exist, without any kind of central government or authority. There will not be a Big Brother with big electronic brains and satellites watching you and pointing at you. Nothing about any of the present control manias, originated by fear.

Each village will be the herald of a different way of exploring, displaying its own unique traits, such as a different way of cooking food, of telling the Tales of Origin; of a unique way of educating, in Double Life, the Souls in bodies to discover what they really are, through how they are staged. It will be, hence, increased the development of arts and crafts, with the freedom of being able to explore them without any boundary nor limit.

Each community will therefore be bearer of its own micro culture, so that the exploration of the planet will lead to the enrichment of the explorers, even by means of the different vision of human organization* from one environment to the other. The sectors of the planet that will start develop this natural ordering will be known as Small Earths. The Small Earths civilization* will begin to shape itself within the next hundred years, following a series of extremely violent traumas, and will reach a global scope in about two centuries.

Then, it will take about two hundred years more, for it to stabilize in the new civilization truly representative of the experience and scent of this Planet. It will last for millennia, producing experience, discovery, civilization and technology beyond any present imagination. Until one day, in a long, long time, the World will shrug again to go into a new phase. But this, is another Story.

From the book The World that will be

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