What money is staging here in Double Life, is fear, misgiving, control, lust, greed, hate, and all the other resulting byproducts of the perception of solitude that interrupts the Nexus. In itself, money is irrelevant, as the exchange system in nature does not happen, as you will have noticed, by money. The Sun, to warm up the Earth, does not send a utility bill for the quantity of light absorbed by trees! And Earth does not point out, in return, that it’s rotating around him, and not around another star. Can you imagine!

The lion, when hunting for gazelle, does not have to compensate them based on how many specimens of the flock he chewed up in a month, because the price of meat in the meantime has raised because of the shortage; and does not need to justify himself because he can not afford to settle the bill, because of the crisis. Exchange in nature happens symbiotically, harmoniously, there’s no need for contractuality. No artificial rules or regulations as all is needed for that system to work is embedded and intrisic to the system itself. The interesting thing is that this natural mechanism is so obvious and before everyone’s eyes, that is taken for granted, and is instead mistaken for a symptom of civilization all that is artificial, unnatural, son of fear and of misgiving. You don’t think that the so called human civilization is built on fear and misgiving? Just look at it! Any progress has the main objective to protect humans from nature and so humans have made of nature a menace to fear and to control.

Going back to money, in a harmonic system, do you think two individuals would need to draw a contract up between them, with clauses and quibbles, to come to an agreement? This only happens when there’s no intrinsic trust, and trust comes with the active Nexus, otherwise Giving from both sides would be free, free from thinking, free from boundaries, Natural!]]>

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